Sound Skills New Zealand

Sound Skills New Zealand

iIt has been a great pleasure to work with Bill Keith and his team at SoundSkills

SoundSkills is a specialist service for children and adults with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). They provide a full range of diagnostic & treatment services.

A new look and a wealth of information

Our creative team worked with SoundSkills to create a brand new look & feel for their website.

However, its not just about pretty images and colours is it? We learned a great deal about APD, the symptoms, the warning signs, misdiagnosis and much more from Bill and team. We were then able to research and build an information rich website so we could be relevant to families & individuals are looking for answers to their problems.

Our Solution

The website, built on our Online Business System, covers a LOT of ground:

  • Comprehensive silos of information - What APD is, APD Diagnosis, Treatment Options
  • A growing New & Articles Blog
  • Events / Seminar Promotion
  • Email Marketing
  • Enquiry workflow and management capabilities
  • The blog has been integrated with Facebook and Twitter
  • EDCo hosts the SoundSkills website and provides ongoing white-hat online marketing