Rural Women New Zealand

Rural Women New Zealand

RWNZ supports NZ rural communities through opportunities, advocacy & meaningful connections.

Rural Women New Zealand's members are diverse, but all share rural interests that connect and energise the RWNZ Community. RWNZ is the leading representative body promoting and advocating on rural health, education, land and social issues. RWNZ provides information, support, practical learning and leadership opportunities.

How did we assist?

We could see that we could play a key role in helping the wonderful & dedicated team at RWNZ modernise their web presence and communicate with their members in a more leveraged way.

The website was no longer going to simply disseminate information on flat pages - we helped create create a truly modern, information rich website with emphasis on the RWNZ blog which is regularly updated for its members, providing news & current events that are important to the community - this content can - and does - get syndicated.

We also provided RWNZ with a members discussion forum, event management, online membership management, an online store that caters for both members and the public as well as email marketing.

We have also provided the team at RWNZ with technical and communications training to help them use their online business system to its full capacity.