Interview With The Loan Centre

The Loan Centre

Our team recently interviewed Speedy Finance's dynamic General Manager, Donelle Brooks.

How did Easton Design Collective assist you in assessing your traditional advertising budget and what was proposed?

Newspaper advertising, direct marketing – mail, leaflets, radio etc vs online marketing. A more cost effective and efficient marketing strategy that drives more leads and better quality.

Was an alternative strategy implemented and what results were achieved?

Our conversion rates have increased significantly for our Industry, increased leads becomes increased sales, become increased profits.

What work was done to implement the strategy and were you sufficiently involved in the process?

Brand new website, clean, crisp and easy to use. Plenty of consultation between myself and the team, however enough trust that when business called decisions could be made by the EDCo team that were correct for our business. They know there stuff, AdWords, SEO and ongoing marketing – that’s what they are there for – and they do it best!

Were any other efficiencies created for your business?

Compliance was the big winner for us. Sure, we have some excellent reporting to assist with financial decisions for marketing, customer segmentation and developing lending trends, however the back end reporting and flexibility of the program allow us to meet all ASIC and industry legislative requirements at the push of a button.

How would you rate your experience in working with EDCo team?

10 out 10, right through from initial investigation and consultation to implementation, training and support. Open minds, current business knowledge and marketing strengths!

Would you recommend EDCo to other businesses?

Absolutely, a significant positive contribution to our business and its future growth. Switched on team who are happy to assist and understand deadlines and timeframes.

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