Professional Online Business Services

The Internet is a quickly-evolving marketplace and you need to use many web applications to master it. Easton Design Collective is the one-stop shop that simplifies all this complexity to launch your online business quickly, and help you stay successful in the long term.

The team of online business professionals at Easton Design Collective has a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge in a broad range of web development solutions to get your business or organization to Number One on the Internet.

Whatever you need, we have probably done it—and done it well—already.

Online Business Development

Ready to take your business to the Internet? Work with Easton Design Collective ’s team of business experts to create, design and execute a successful online business strategy.


We will sit down with you to define the Big Picture of your online business—what you do, why you are taking your business online, who your audience is, what you want to achieve, who you are up against, and how you will know you have succeeded. We will advise you on what works and what does not in your particular space and recommend strategic directions so you can get started on the web, on the right footing.


To craft a winning online business strategy, we will undertake a thorough understanding of what defines success for your enterprise—your industry, market, business, audience, and competitors. More importantly, we will track down where you audience are online, find out what they are doing and what drives them—emotional hot buttons included, and propose strategies and tactics on how to attract, engage and get them to do what you want.

Competitor Analysis

Easton Design Collective will work with you to get a firm handle on who the top competition is in your space, and identify what makes their businesses successful online. We will help target best practices, spot areas of potential, craft a winning positioning strategy to differentiate you from the competition, and exploit market gaps so you can quickly gain a foothold and a competitive advantage.

Strategy Development and Implementation

The synergy of your online business objectives, our market research, and a comprehensive competitor analysis will form the strategic direction of how you will do business online. We will define benchmarks and milestones; craft a web design and functionalities to attract and retain customers; specify tools and technologies that work best in your market; set lead generation and conversion tactics that will get you the “sale” every time; and design reporting metrics to make sure that your online business is on the right track. We will be with you every step of the way so your online business strategy is executed for maximum gains.

Brand Development

Branding is all about creating a specific image for your offering—and the values and emotions associated with it—in your consumer’s mind. Easton Design Collective will work with you to craft one that will trigger your market’s emotional hot buttons and resonate strongly with your target market. This way, you can attract new customers, maintain a loyal following, and gain brand ambassadors to help you get to the top of your niche or industry.

Web Solutions

An online business that can generate leads and convert visitors into customers depends on an attractive front end (the website) and an intuitive backend (the infrastructure that runs the website). Easton Design Collective’s team of online business professionals has proven its mettle time and again—in web development projects ranging from $5,000 to $12 million—that we are confident we can deliver customized online business solutions that really works for your business. 

Web Design and Development

Prospective customers will decide if your business is worth their time and money within the first seven seconds of landing on your website. If they like what they see and can find what they want quickly, then you have a bigger chance of getting them to stay longer and explore what you have to offer. Easton Design Collective understands online user behavior and objectives more than any web development company, so everything that the customers find in your website—and the systems that drive them—are designed to get you the “sale”.

e-Commerce (e-Tail)

Easton Design Collective will build your ecommerce site so you can run a successful online business easily and without the hassles. You direct every aspect of your online shop—products and catalogues, inventory control, shopping carts, check out, list building, promotions and sales, reporting, plus much more—with point-and-click simplicity. Your site will look, feel and work exactly the way you want it to. And all these on a secure, reliable, flexible and automated ecommerce platform. No need for superfluous web services from different companies just to keep track of what is going on in your online store.

Content Management System (CMS)

On the Web, content is still king if you want to attract new customers, retain the ones you have, and create a growing loyal following. Easton Design Collective uses the best content management system on the Internet to help you reach and engage your audience to improve conversion rates for your online business. Send out newsletters, post blog updates, create new pages, announce upcoming events, upload multimedia (audio, video, images, and interactive media), and publish any content that your audience wants from one central panel.

User Experience Design (UX)

Our approach to online business success depends on the quality of user experience on your website. Easton Design Collective retains the best talents in user experience design so you can be assured potential customers can comfortably explore, find what they want on your site, and trust you with their business. Our web design—text, layout, graphics, navigation, functionalities, and applications—all funnel towards the sale to optimise your conversion rates.

Membership Management

Building a viable email list and running your website’s membership database can be quite complex and normally requires several web applications from different web providers to manage. Easton Design Collective simplifies this complicated process for you with a system that is customizable to the needs and preferences of your market.

Our Online Business System (Technology Overview)

Easton Design Collective has a complete end-to-end online business solution that lets you manage your business from one central interface. All the tools that you need for long-term business success online—both front end and back end, including social media, search engine optimisation, lead generation and sales conversion, email marketing, customer care, content management system (and more!)—from just one administration panel. 

Online Marketing

With billions and billions of web pages on the Internet, how will your prospective customers find you? Easton Design Collective has the smartest, savviest online marketing talents on board so your online business can attract targeted traffic, boost conversion rates, and improve the bottomline.

Search Engine Optimisation

People use search engines to find information on the Web so making your site visible to the search engines and landing on Page One of search engine results is part of an effective, cost-efficient online marketing plan. Easton Design Collective is known for its expertise in SEO. Our clients continue to enjoy dramatic improvements in targeted traffic to their websites so that they are able to implement better choices for their business.

Search Engine Marketing

Easton Design Collective are masters in paid search advertising—finding profitable keywords, creating effective search engine advertising campaigns, designing optimised landing pages, and placing ads that turn prospects into customers. Boost the visibility of your online business in both “pay per click” advertising and organic search optimisation so you can get right in front of your customers when they are ready to buy what you are offering.

Social Marketing

Social media helps you engage your customers and prospects directly so you can participate in the conversation as well as create buzz for your business, at reduced costs. Easton Design Collective routinely develops and implements integrated, meaningful, and winning social media strategies for our various clients. Our focus is always on sustaining audience engagement, driving targeted traffic to your website, generating sales leads, and improving conversion rates. 

Conversion Optimisation

Not sure how to turn a site visit into a sale? Getting targeted traffic but not profiting in terms of increased sales or repeat business? Easton Design Collective can create a winning conversion strategy—or even refresh a tired, old one—with a mix of tools and technologies like user experience analysis, web analytics, and site and content audits to improve your conversion rates. 

Customer Relationship Management

There is a lot of work to be done in making sure that you get more repeat business from a single customer. The secret to success is the aftercare that you provide after a purchase. Easton Design Collective can customise a system to help you nurture your customer—email marketing, list building, membership areas, newsletters, special events, limited offers and a lot more—without the complex structures that go with it. We simplify the process for you so you can focus more on giving your clients and customers a great “shopping” experience.

Email Marketing

List building is vital to a successful online business. Easton Design Collective studies what your business needs and the opportunities available to develop a winning email marketing strategy. Let’s build and firm up relationships and create revenues for your business today.


Many things are going on behind a user’s actions on your website, from entry to exit. Every text read, every graphic seen, every link clicked can have an impact on the viability of your online business. Easton Design Collective can track, measure, analyse, interpret and report this data so you can adjust your online business strategy or even pivot quickly where necessary.