Online Electrical Supplies

Online Electrical Supplies

A comprehensive Online Store for the Aussie Electrical Trade

We were approached by Gold Coast company to help them start up a new online business to service the electrical trade in all states around Australia.

Click and Mortar on a Tight Budget

Creating a new Online Business can be exciting and challenging. Our team was tasked with looking at all aspects of this new venture. We started with a blank slate to help our client create a business name, a brand, an online marketing presence ... and of course, a full featured online store.

And so Online Electrical Supplies was born - A business name that declares exactly what the business is and what it offers to the electrical trade market  ... the business name is also keyword search relevant from a 'commercial intent' perspective.

Project Overview

Our team achieved the following for our client:

  • Performed market and competition research
  • Created a brand - logo design, business name and assisted with account & compliance setups
  • Provided a professional, bespoke design for the website
  • Integration of the design into our Online Business System, providing our client with e-Commerce, Content Management, Membership Management, Enquiry Workflows, 'Get Quote' Capabilities (for large orders), Email Marketing, Lead Management, Order Management, Blogs and much more
  • Set up an Online Store that has launched with over 800 unique products ... and growing
  • Price Management - Member pricing and non-member pricing